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At Back Home Catering we are very proud to offer an award-winning catered experience to Hardin County. To make your experience even better, we have designed a unique way to choose your style of catered event. Browse through our options and menus to come up with the right catering option for you. As always, we are her to answer any other questions you may have at 270.737.9973.

Ask for Jamie or Linda.

We offer a wide variety of menu options and decor for your catering needs like:

Fresh-handmade family recipes

Friendly, full catering staff

Stylish Decorations

On time delivery and/or pick up

Customizable menu options

full service drink, dessert, buffet stations

High quality materials and packaging

Award winning friendly service

Enjoy Your Event, We'll Take Care of the Food!

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Phone: 270.737.9973

Fax: 270.737.9323




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